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Is Faith a Change Driver?

by Dr Jay Gary, April 2, 2007

I’ve been teaching forward-thinking leadership to graduate students for nearly four years now. I am indebted to those I’ve worked with from mid-career backgrounds. Since Regent draws a variety of people from various faith backgrounds, I’ve observed a wide variety of styles that people take toward becoming more […]

Do You Hear Voices in Your Head?

by Jay Gary, PhD, April 16, 2007

Graham Cooke, Denver, April 13, 2007

It is not normal to hear voices in your head, at least in my culture. Yet many of my friends claim to. If you confessed to ‘auditory hallucinations’ you would normally be diagnosed as borderline schizophrenia by your psychiatrist.

Among […]

BAM gets a breakthrough textbook

Neal Johnson’s new book, Business as Mission (2009), will certainly become the default textbook among Evangelicals for marketplace missions, but it should be supplemented with other texts that address energy overuse, consumerism and sustainable business development, among the ‘base of the pyramid.’ […]

Behold, I Will Do a New Thing!

Imagine. Aspire. Dream. Envision. If you once soared like an eagle, but now find you crawl more like a snail, catch these musing by Jay Gary on how to draw strength from above. With humor and self-depreciation, he reflects on Isaiah 43:18, where God says, ‘I am about to do a new thing.’ […]

What Would Paul Do?

Reflecting on Paul’s mission brings clarity to ours. An evangelical leader claims the first followers of Jesus witnessed the fulfillment of the Great Commission in their generation. […]

Toward the Great Work

Lately I’ve been thinking about how Christianity needs to experience its own conversion if this world is to survive the West’s crises, including corruption, overpopulation, arms races, consumerism and terrorism. […]

Forerunner Eschatology: Revelation or Reckless Gamble?

by Dr. Jay Gary

In tracking the future of end-time thinking, mission strategist and author, Dr. Andrew Jackson has done the church a favor to question Mike Bickle’s End Time gambit. A recent issue of Christian Research Journal features his essay, ‘Forerunner Eschatology: Mike Bickle’s End-Time Teaching & the International House of Prayer.’ (2009 Vol […]

Is Evangelism Religious Abuse?

by Jay Gary, PhD, Jun 9, 2005

If the Washington Post has their Woodward and Berstein who uncovered Watergate, the Colorado Springs Gazette has Pam Zubeck. For the past two years she has been on the weekly beat of uncovering leadership failures at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Her coverage of the military’s initial reticence […]

Self-Sacrificial Leadership & Islam?

Recently various Christian leaders have called Islam a violent religion led by fanatics. Could Evangelical rhetoric be widening Huntington’s ‘clash of civilizations’ between an Islamic civilization and Western civilization? Are evangelicals itching for a civilizational fight, as Hoover asks? […]

Taking Barna’s Survey as Gospel?

by Jay Gary, PhD, March 16, 2008

A new Barna Survey is out, which examines changes in worldview among Christians over the past 13 Years. The report compares present results to similar survey from 1995, 2000 and 2005. The results indicate that the percentage of adults with a biblical worldview has remained unchanged for more […]