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Pack Your Suitcase: Fold Faith into Learning

How should we think about our intellectual journey as we prepare to travel in the post-normal world of the 21st century? In this essay, Dr. Jay Gary offers four principles on how we should integrate faith and reason as Christian educators […] […]

A Chronology of Student Ministry

This chronology documents the depth and breadth of how the Spirit of God has raised up a new generation in world evangelization throughout history. […]

A Vision to Encompass the World

Jay Gary tells the fascinating story of how students in North America first caught a vision to reach their fellow students worldwide with the Gospel and help complete the Great Commission. Focusing on the period from 1895 to 1925, Gary traces the role of the YMCA/YWCA and their vision to reach every student in every college, by launching national Christian student movements in every country. […]

The Aging of Commitment

Were you involved in student ministry during your years in college? What criteria would you now use to make major decisions about your work, life style and service? Here is a case story that Dr. Gary wrote to spur on discussion among 20-somethings, with respect to their faith and values. […]

Come with Me: the story of the SVM

The year 1986 marked the hundredth anniversary of the Student Volunteer Movement. Here’s the story of how this organization catapulted 20,000 Christians into overseas missionary service […] […]

Perspectives Marks 30th Anniversary

The Institute of International Studies marked its 30th anniversary in 2004. I was asked to send my greetings to Perspectives coordinators from around the country. Here is what I shared. […]

The Student Evangelism Index

The Student Evangelism Index statistically rates the need for evangelism among college students in 158 countries. It is a one of kind study that was created in 1987 to focus the prayer of Christians on the most unevangelized areas of the college world. […]

Agenda for Students in the ’80s

What opportunities do the 1980s offer campus ministries with respect to world missions? Dr. Jay Gary offers four convictions about internationalizing student ministries. […]

The World in this Generation

In every student generation, God has raises up anointed men and women to be His evangelists to the student world. Here is the memoir of one such giant of the 20th century, Sherwood Eddy (1871-1963), who followed on the heels of D.L. Moody, to call students around the world to Christ. […]