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Christian Futures Bulletin

by Dr. Jay Gary

“helping Christian leaders rethink the future”


Recently I sat down with executives from one of America’s top Christian ministries. They have a great legacy of leadership training, with hundreds of staff in the U.S. and around the world. While they do strategic planning for operational areas, they are looking for new ways to create strategic conversations among their regional and national leaders. Recently Christian Futures has found a “strategic foresight” survey, covering strategic thinking, acting and influencing. If you are looking for ways to create more innovation and creativity among your leaders and teams, ask us about Hughes and Beatty’s new STRATegy survey, and how we can help you use it with your executive team:

Develop future-fluency skills

Would you like to learn how to create a future-responsive, rather than just past-driven ministry? Christian Futures is offering our most accessible 6-hour workshop online three times between now and September. All you need is a PC-based computer and headphones/microphone to participate. Contact us for how you can host this 3 hour webinar for your team. Check out our 6-minute preview of this event and workshop details at:

Fourth Annual Futures Conference for Christian Leaders

Join Dr. Ted Peters, Dr. Clem Bezold and Jay Gary for three-days in Virginia Beach, VA at Regent University. This year’s 2006 national conference will focus on the future of aging, bioethics and faith ministry. We will ask, How do we approach a Genetics Age, and lead from the future? How do we identify emerging issues, preempt the undesirable and advance the desirable? How do our organizations, churches, ministries, and schools chart their way forward? See the proceedings at:

New Program Aims to Train Christian Futurists

I have teamed up with Regent University’s School of Leadership Studies to offer a new “foresight” degree for emerging workplace and ministry leaders. This flexible online-M.A. in Strategic Foresight launches this fall. People take courses in leadership, futures thinking, social change, systems dynamics, business forecasting, scenario development and strategic change. The program is designed to help leaders launch think-tanks, set up emerging issue tracking programs for organizations or launch strategic change initiatives in their field. Electives cover professional futures skills, global future outlooks, organizational futures and Evangelical futures. The full Master of Arts degree can be completed in 24 to 36 months, and new students can apply to the program three times a year, by July, November or April.

“helping leaders rethink their future and strategy”
Christian Futures

Christian Futures Network exists to advance the mission of the church by helping leaders empower their teams 1) to think creatively and critically about the future of society, and 2) to reinvent their ministry in light of these new contexts.

We offer a mentoring program, whereby people can become “members” of Christian futures and get access to our download center and discuss their leadership study path with a coach to develop their Christian futurist skills. Become a member of Christian Futures¬†and join an army of David’s that are sharpening their sling.

ADVISORS: Dr. David Barrett, Dr. Gary Clark, Dr. Bill O’Brien, Dr. Tom Sine, Dr. Bruce Winston, Dr. Todd Johnson

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