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GCOWE 2000: The Meeting of the Century

Some hailed it as the “meeting of the century.” From January 5-8, 1989, some 300 leaders gathered in Singapore for the “Global Consulation on World Evangelization by AD 2000 and Beyond,” or GCOWE 2000 for short. It is now history. This page tells its story in pictures and the groundwork it laid for what became one of the most dramatic decades in church history.

Rockville Task ForceThe GCOWE 2000 planning group pooled their experience from five continents to bring together 300 leaders to hammer out a global strategy for “the world by 2000.” L to R: Thomas Wang, Bill O’Brien, Luis Bush, Panya Baba and Floyd McClung in Rockville, VA, June 7, 1988.

A new landmark study by Barrett and Reapsome revealed a growing AD 2000 movement but sounded a caution. Seven Hundred Plans was one of six official consultation documents.

Parks and Henriques PrayA Baptist and Catholic join their hearts in prayer during a meaningful moment at the GCOWE 2000 meeting in Singapore. Many felt this was a promise of the future, that the walls of division might be lower in the 21st century.

Jay Gary wrote a thrilling account of how Christian leaders joined hands to touch the world for Christ by AD 2000. Includes the addresses and documents of GCOWE 2000.

The Countdown Has BegunDr. Vinson Synan, Chairman, North American Renewal Service Committee summarized the Global Consultation on AD 2000 in this way:
“This consultation was truly an historical moment for the church. Churches and ministries that had never talked together, pledged cooperation in completing the task of world evangelization by the end of the century. There was a dynamic coming together of AD 2000 movements as diverse as Southern Baptist, Catholics and Pentecostals. The vision, data and resources shared in Singapore will set the agenda for the church till the end of the century. It was a ‘kairos’ moment.”

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