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Future-Proof Your Ministry–live with Dr. Jay Gary

by Dr. Jay Gary, May 15, 2006

Click here for a 6-minute preview of this workshop
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futureproof_ex_lOver the past twenty-five years I have served as a turn-around specialist to various communities, organizations, ministries and congregations. Now I have gleaned the lessons of transformative leadership I’ve used and turned it into a one-day experience, with four sessions.

1. The Future according to Jesus
2. Futures Fluency for Leaders
3. Mapping the Future
4. Leading the Foresight Process

If you are ready to reflect on your leadership and take that to transform your organization from a past-directed to a future-responsive enterprise, then please join me in my next workshop face-to-face or through our new online offerings.

At Future-Proof Your Ministry you will learn how to:

  • think of your organization’s future in multiple ways, whether probable, possible or preferrable futures.
  • recognize core “future fluency” skills that executives use to forecast their company’s future
  • use an “S-curve” to map the creative dynamics of organizational breakthroughs.
  • launch a “foresight project” that creates strategic thinking to reinvent your outreach.

Click here for a 6-minute preview of this workshop

fproof_jan24_lOn Saturday, January 24, 2004, a dozen Christian leaders gathered for six-hours at the Penrose House in Colorado Springs for the “Future-Proof Your Ministry” workshop. In an intimate setting ministry presidents, consultants, research directors, foundation officers and professors “strengthened their foresight muscles,” as one participant put it.

After the workshop, one leader commented, “Today I got the tools to analyze where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to go–and so much more. Thanks!”

In six hours these leaders learned life-changing “generative” leadership skills. They learned that mere planning or forecasting your ministry into the future would not take them where they needed to go. They got the keys on how to use their God-given creativity, intuition and forethought to generate a range of “alternative futures,” and then work back to the present – to make sure their organization is flexible, adaptable, and ready for change.

Click here for a 6-minute preview of this workshop

fproof-noteb_sThe “Future-Proof Your Ministry” workshop will be held next at Regent University, Thursday September 14, 2006,  8:00 am to 4:30 pm, at the Founders Inn in Virginia Beach. This workshop will precede the fourth national futures conference for Christian leaders, Foresight 2006 conference, “Leading from the Future,” with Ted Peters, Jay Gary and Clem Bezold. Register for this pre-conference workshop by contacting the Christian Futures office.

Web Based Training–coming to you!

I realize that in today’s hectic world, not everyone can leave town for training. While the Virginia Beach workshop is primarily for those on the East Coast, the “Future-Proof” WEB BASED training can now come to you, via an online, live format. This will allow you and your colleages to:

–save airfare and hotel costs
–fit this training into your own schedule
–invite colleagues from multiple locations to join you.


Have your team to join me online for this workshop.

Using online “Webinar” conferencing services, I can train a group as small as five people for $500, introductory price. Additional people can join in for $50 an individual. Normally, we would break up the training into two, 150-minute hour online training sessions.

If you would like your ministry team to experience the “Future-Proof Your Ministry” through web-based training, contact me about your training needs. I will send you preview materials explaining how you can host this unique 5-hour experience that will help you lead your team in reinventing your ministry.

Click here for a 6-minute preview of this workshop

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