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McLaren Announces DeepShift Tour

by staff writer, Jul 31, 2007


The book hit stores on October 2, 2007

Brian McLaren, emergent church leader and acclaimed author, has announced an “Everything Must Change” eleven city USA tour for 2008, starting in February. The tour will consider “what shifts must occur in our lives, families, faith communities, and the organizations we’re connected to.”

The tour will be based on his forthcoming Thomas Nelson book (Oct 2, 2007), Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope, plus an album of original songs – “Everything Must Change: Songs for a Revolution of Hope,” with a single release intended for YouTube.

The “Everything Must Change” tour will feature his presentations, conversations, special guests, and art/reflection experiences. It will call people to a deep shift in their thinking about faith, church life, mission, ministry, art, justice, leadership, community, and worship. Organizers claim it will emphasize “deep personal inner transformation integrated with deep organizational transition as well, in the context of the ‘Generous Orthodoxy’ that McLaren writes and speaks about. The Tour will raise questions such as:

  • What does it mean, in today’s world, to be a follower of God in the way of Jesus?
  • What does it mean to be a faith community engaged in the holistic, integral mission of God in our world today?
  • How do we, as individuals and faith communities, respond faithfully to the crises facing our world?
  • What is our duty to God, ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our enemies, and our planet in light of Jesus’ radical message of the kingdom of God?
  • How can we engage in personal formation and theological reformulation for global transformation?

In promotional materials, McLaren writes, “Christianity “has focused on ‘me’ and ‘my eternal destiny,’ but it has failed to address the dominant societal and global realities of their lifetime: systemic injustice, poverty, and dysfunction.”

The events will include resources for pastors, church planters and leaders, faith community and cohort leaders, worship leaders,
children’s and youth ministry workers, and spiritual seekers as well – so many of whom can’t find a ‘safe place’ to ask their questions.

The “Everything Must Change” cities and dates are:

February 1-2: Charlotte, NC
February 8-9: Boise, ID
February 22-23: Dallas, TX
February 29-March 1: St. Petersburg, FL
March 7-8: Washington, DC area
March 28-29: San Diego, CA
April 4-5: Chicago, IL
April 11-12: Seattle, WA
April 25-26: Kansas City, KS
May 2-3: New York, NY
May 9-10: Goshen, IN

To register for the tour and pre-order McLaren’s book, visit the DeepShift website.

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