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eBook: Futures–Human and Divine




by Ted Peters

Most trend books on the future are practically devoid of any Christian perspective. Drawing upon the works of noted futurists such as Toffler, Reich, and Heilbroner, Ted Peters shows how the vision of the Kingdom of God can both complement and challenge futures thinking. An eschatological orientation, therefore, can bridge the understanding between Christian and secular views of the future. Futures–Human and Divine paves the way for a broader application of the Christian faith so we can set ethical priorities and create a future marked by equality, justice, and peace. Peters shows how Christian hope can plan with the forecasting tools of futurum, as well as embrace adventus-the open-endedness of God, in order to create a new future. This classic book, first written in 1978, has been brought back into print 27 years later with discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

PetersAbout the author: The Rev. Dr. Ted Peters is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Professor of Systematic Theology at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California. As a research scholar he is affiliated with the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS). He is editor of the journal Dialog, and author of numerous works in theology, including God-the World’s Future (1992), Playing God? Genetic Determinism and Human Freedom (1996), Science, Theology, and Ethics (2002), and Evolution from Creation to New Creation (2003).

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Ebook, .pdf format*, size=929k, (Bimillennial 2005), 222 pp. This item can be purchased and downloaded the same day.
*PDF files require an Adobe® Acrobat® Reader (4.0 and higher), a free plugin (5.6MB) that can be downloaded. Click the button below.

Foreword by Ed Lindaman
1. Toward the Year 2000
Future Consciousness
Elements in Future Consciousness
Futurology and Eschatology
Values and Eschatology
2. Millennialist and Apocalyptic Perspectives
Outlook on the Future
3. Christ: The Future Made Present
The Resurrection
Can We Still Believe In Easter?
Living the Future Resurrection Now
4. Hope in the Future
Dissatisfaction with the Present
Progress and the New Humanity
Hope for the Future
5. Time and History
Is Time Running Out?
Cyclical Time Versus Historical Time
Hope and Meaning
6. Values for a Planetary Society
Trade-Offs for an Eco-Human Future
Toward a Planetary Society
The Value Vacuum
7. The Humanist Alternative
A Humanized Future?
In Search of a Ground for Values
8. Toward a Proleptic Theology of the Future
Values, Ontology, and the Future
Ontology and the Kingdom of God
God is Not Yet God
9. Concluding Nonscientific Prescript
Sedative or Stimulus?
Tomorrow’s Reality and Today’s Action?
About the Author

“Ted Peters shows how a cross-pollination of the Christian and secular vision of the future world can bring about a broader application of Christian faith. He has given theology a new boost by coming to grips with profound aspects of modern experience.” -Carl E. Braaten

“Dr. Peters presents a critical examination of secular futurology from the perspective of Christian theology.” -Wolfhart Pannenberg

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