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eBook: The Countdown Has Begun




by Jay & Olgy Gary

Written in 1989, The Countdown Has Begun is the definitive history of the events which gave birth to “AD 2000 & Beyond” movement. “Countdown’s” subtitle, “The Story of the Global Consultation on AD 2000” reveals its true nature as a compendium of addresses from the AD 2000 Consultation in Singapore in January 1989. Chapter titles include, “The Journey of Cooperation,” “Dreaming Together Towards AD 2000,” “Cooperation in a Time of Change,” “The Spirit is Moving,” plus many more. A unique aspect of the book is a 14 chapter section of personal reflections by Jay Gary on the people and the events behind GCOWE 2000, including Bill Bright, Keith Parks, Ralph Winter, Thomas Wang and David Barrett. Besides addresses by Philemon Choi, Ron Cline, Paul Eshleman, Gino Henriques, and Keith Parks, “Countdown” includes significant documents by David Barrett, Luis Bush and Bill O’Brien which preceded and followed-up the Global Consultation.

In a snappy journalistic style, Gary highlights the successes of the Global Consultation, but also points out its shortcomings. As you look back in history, do you wonder whether world evangelization is on the right track? Purchase The Countdown Has Begun and consider whether AD 2000 was a God-given vision or a misguided fad.

Jay Gary About the author: Jay Gary is an author and speaker who enjoys the adventure of life. Throughout the ’90s, Jay was invited to be the lead designer on millennial projects ranging from the Journey of the Magi in the Middle East to civic programs in the U.S., such as Springs 2000. His work on the third millennium has been featured by the L.A. Times and on CNN. From 1986 to 1989, Jay served as a conference planner with the Lausanne movement, a network launched by Billy Graham. From 1976 to 1986, he worked as a pastor to college students, a missions educator and a magazine editor. He presently serves as the director of the, a ministry devoted to helping leaders rethink the future and reinvent their work in light of emerging trends.

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Ebook, .pdf format*, size=850k, (AGSO, 1989), 259 pp. This item can be purchased and downloaded the same day.
*PDF files require an Adobe® Acrobat® Reader (5.0 and higher), a free plugin (20MB) that can be downloaded. Click the button below.

Preface: The Untold Story
Part I: Personal Reflections
1. What’s the True Score?
2. God is Trying to Tell You Something
3. The Seven-Month Miracle
4. Rendezvous at Rockville
5. The Meeting of the Century
6. The Ghost of History Past
7. The Buck Stops Here
8. A Bell Has Rung in Heaven
9. The Fog in the Pew
10. Testing the Tie that Binds
11. The Rooster Crows a New Day
12. A Meek and Mild Proposa
13. The Quest Goes On
14. It Can Be Done!
Part II: Consultation Addresses
15. What is the Global Consultation?–Bill O’Brien
16. Dreaming Together Toward AD 2000–Bill O’Brien
17. Fulfilling the Great Commission–Luis Bush
18. Hong Kong 2000: Cooperation in a Time of Change–Philemon Choi
19. The World by 2000: The Journey of Cooperation–Ron Cline
20. AD 2000 Together: A Pentecostal/Charismatic Explosion–Vinson Synan
21. New Life 2000: A Revolutionary Plan–Paul Eshleman
22. Evangelization 2000: The Spirit is Moving–Gino Henrique
23. Bold Mission Thrust: We’ve a Story to Tell–R. Keith Parks
24. Great Commission Manifesto
Part III: Consultation Documents
25. A Fact Sheet on GCOWE 2000
26. A Rationale for GCOWE 2000
27. The AD 2000 Survey
28. The Kaleidoscopic Global Plan: A Summary
29. AD 2000 Global Goals: A Summary
30. “World Evangelization Groups to Meet in Asia”
31. “Christian Leaders to Try Again toCoordinate Efforts”
32. “World Mission Leaders Pursue Cooperative Efforts”
33. “Lack of Cooperation Takes Toll on World Evangelization Efforts”
34. Consultation Review

“Very few times in history have so many Christian leaders representing so many points of view focused their attention on so specific a goal–the evangelization of the world by AD 2000. This is clearly the Holy Spirit speaking to the Churches….Read The Countdown Has Begun and catch the vision for the greatest ingathering the world has ever known.”
Dr. C. Peter Wagner, Fuller Theological Seminary

“God is undoubtedly summoning His forces for one last supreme effort to complete the task of world evangelism. The timeclock of the ages has been reset and it is ticking. The Countdown Has Begun just may be the first article in the charter of closure.”
Dr. J. Philip Hogan„ The Assemblies of God

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