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Leaders to Try Again for Century Goal

Christians leaders intent on spreading the gospel by century’s end will try again at the ” Global Consultation on World Evangelization by AD 2000 and Beyond,” scheduled Jan. 5-8, 1989 in Singapore. […]

Leaders to Pursue Cooperative Efforts

“We believe that it is possible to bring the gospel to all people by the year 2000.” This was among the declarations in a “Great Commission Manifesto” adopted by more than 300 Christian leaders from some 50 countries, during the Jan. 5-8, 1989 “Global Consultation on World Evangelization by AD 2000 and Beyond” in Singapore. […]

GCOWE 2000: The Meeting of the Century

Some hailed it as the “meeting of the century.” This page tells its story in pictures and the groundwork it laid for what became one of the most dramatic decades in church history. […]

The Early History of AD 2000

Long into the 21st century, church historians, missiologists and graduate students will look back to the late 20th century to understand the roots of a movement to evangelize the world by 2000. Here are some lines of inquiry for future researchers in interpreting the innovations which GCOWE 2000 pioneered. […]

AD 2000 Gets a Millennial Check-Up

It was long overdue, but the track movement called “AD 2000 & Beyond,” finally kept their scheduled appointment for a mid-decadal check-up, May 17-25, 1995 in Seoul, Korea, writes, Jay Gary. […]

Has the Window of Opportunity Closed for 2000?

While mission leaders hear encouraging trends in Third-World missions, few reports at the GCOWE’95 Congress of Evangelicals dealt with the diminishing chances to reach the world for Christ by 2000, claims Jay Gary. […]

Mission Impossible or Dream Realized?

As we creep ever-closer to that huge, looming milestone called the year 2000, missionary leaders are split over an issue which for many has become a near obsession. Julian Lukins, YWAM Correspondent, asks, Is it possible to complete the Great Commission by the turn of the century? […]