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The Church in the Midst of Creation

by staff writer, May 7, 2004

donovanChristian Futures is pleased to present this ebook, newly layed out and with a discussion guide for any one who wants to grapple with how to lead the church beyond its captivity to the Industrial age.

Vincent J. Donovan is known to tens of thousands of readers as the author of Christianity Rediscovered (Orbis 1978, 2003). In this long-awaited sequel, he moves from Africa where he sought to present Christ without the usual missionary paraphernalia, to the Western world. He asks, “We see quite plainly the church as it is, but what should it be?”

Father Donovan argues that our times should be compared to those of the earliest church, when Paul sought to open up the gospel to non-Jews without demanding Jewish law obedience. He pictures a church today that has grown into the mold of the modern age, with its uniformity, specialization and centralization. And he explores how that church can put off a domesticated Christ, create new forms of ministry and find new life before God.

242The Church in the Midst of Creation is essential reading for anyone who has ever asked, “What will be involved in refounding the church for the Third Millennium?”

This book is out of print and offered as a 2004 reprint, in e-book format only. Read an excerpt from chapter, posted with permission of Bimillennial Press.

To browse the table of contents, click here.

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