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Which Futures?

“Can we predict the future?” No. It is an open slate. “Can we know the future?” “Yes”– if that means knowing its contours. Christian faith needs to draw on both hindsight and foresight.

Which Future?Faith can build foresight related to the future of society, and then enlarge its tent today. Rather than “the future”, I prefer to speak about “futures”– plural. How do you see your futures? What is happening to your business beyond the next quarter? Or to your church before the next election? Or to your kids as they take their place as the next generation? What are the range of futures before you? I like to use this diagram above to help broaden the way I think about the future, whether possible, probable or preferable futures. Help your group develop “future fluency.” Here is a 2000 list of workshops I conduct as a Christian futurist.

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