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Swiss Future Time

by Dr Jay Gary, April 2, 2007

walker-andreas_mIn the Swiss media, whether in print or TV, Dr. Andreas M. Walker is establishing a reputation as a leading futurist, who deals emerging challenges from biotechnology and value-based issues. As a Christian futurist, Dr. Andreas M. Walker walks between two worlds of religious eschatology and human futurology. As a Swiss consultant to the financial industry and government, Walker offers a unique form of strategic leadership training for Christian executives.

One day he might be conducting a Influenza training to Swiss business and political leaders, the next day he is lecturing executives on the fine points of Christian eschatology and responsible futurology. Besides carrying on a strategic consulting practice he teaches “Christian Futures Competencies” with the Academy of Christian Leadership in Switzerland and Germany.

Walker earned his Master Degree in Geography and in History (1990) and his PhD in Economical Geography & Urban Planning (1995). His PhD dissertation was on scenario planning and political and technology forecasting.

The attached two page .pdf article (173k) in German, “If the world breaks”, is an interview with Walker that appeared in the February 2007 issue of 4telstunde for Jesus, the magazine of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance, a magazine distributed to nearly all Swiss homes.

In helping focus both church and society on the road ahead, Walker exemplifies a new breed of Christian leaders in Europe–who put wheels on “a theology of hope,” and helps leaders construct tangible futures or “edible blessings.” Walker is the newest associate of Christian Futures. If you are a Christian professional practicing futures to create forward-change, consider joining us today.

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