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eBook: Integral Christianity




by Richard Vincent

Integral Christianity is fresh look at the all embracing quality of historic Christianity, beyond popular attempts to define a Christian worldview. Using the “all quadrant, all levels” model of Ken Wilber, Vincent offers an open Christian framework for personal growth, church life and cultural influence that moves beyond the conflict of modern and postmodern views. Vincent concludes by examining the role of tradition and dogma as a convention for the open-minded. Integral Christianity will enlarge your faith, enrich your life, and help you open the doors to pursue the common good.

About the author: Rich Vincent serves as Senior Pastor at Immanuel Church in West Bend, Wisconsin. He previously served as pastor at New Life Christian Fellowship in Glastonbury, Connecticut for two years, and associate pastor at College Park Church in Indianapolis for 10 years. Rich and Elizabeth, his wife of twelve years, have three children. In June 2005, Rich completed his Master of Divinity degree from Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. He serves as the webmaster of

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Ebook, .pdf format*, size=577k, (Bimillennial 2007), 83 pp., ISBN: 193404900X. This item can be purchased and downloaded the same day.
*PDF files require an Adobe® Acrobat® Reader (5.0 and higher), a free plugin (20MB) that can be downloaded. Click the button below.


1. The Big Picture
2. The Developing Human
3. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad
4. The Four Corners of the Kosmos
5. The Origins of Modernity and the Postmodern Rebellion
6. Dogma for the Open-Minded

“Finally a Christian thinker weighs Ken Wilber’s ‘theory of everything’ and shows that God is ‘all and in all’ to sustain life and make all things new.” -Jay Gary,

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