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eBook: The Star of 2000




by Jay Gary

Written in 1994, The Star of 2000 was the first book to anticipate Christ’s 2,000th jubilee. Through stories, projections and inspiration it describes how these commemorations would unfold from 1999 to 2001 to become the the ‘greatest celebration in the history of civilization.’ Discover the dream which once inspired the Magi to embark upon a journey of hope, as this book describes how the bimillennial year of 2000 galvanized attention worldwide, from all walks of life. Includes discussion guide, bibliography and suggestions to mark the turn of the millennium.

Reveals what Walt Disney’s “builder of spectaculars” worked on for ten years (see p. 21). Uncovers Christ’s gifts to civilization through tributes by world leaders (see p. 30). Documents the history of the “Star of 2000” dream since 1975 (see p. 39). Predicts how the world will likely celebrate “an entire Christmas year” during 2000 (see p. 50). Describes how Christ’s 2,000th anniversary will unfold in 3 stages from now to 2001 (see p. 59). Names five “mega-images” which have shaped our approach to the year 2000 (see p. 64). Shares how to focus on Christ in the midst of new millennium celebrations (see p. 92). Suggests 25 ways to “light a candle” for Christ’s 2,000th birthday (see p. 131). Looks at how the church can shape advent of the third millennium up to A.D. 2033 (see p. 146). Offers a chapter by chapter discussion guide for personal or group study (p. 160).

Jay Gary About the author: Jay Gary is an author and speaker who enjoys the adventure of life. Throughout the ’90s, Jay was invited to be the lead designer on millennial projects ranging from the Journey of the Magi in the Middle East to civic programs in the U.S., such as Springs 2000. His work on the third millennium has been featured by the L.A. Times and on CNN. From 1986 to 1989, Jay served as a conference planner with the Lausanne movement, a network launched by Billy Graham. From 1976 to 1986, he worked as a pastor to college students, a missions educator and a magazine editor. He presently serves as the director of the, a ministry devoted to helping leaders rethink the future and reinvent their work in light of emerging trends.

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.pdf format*, size=608k, (Bimillennial, 2004), 175 pp. This item can be purchased and downloaded the same day.
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1. The Bimillennial Era Has Begun
2. Unwrap History’s Mystery
3. Something Beautiful for God
4. The Reason for the Season
5. A Powerful Mega-image
6. We Are the Jubilee Generation
7. The Anniversary Attraction
8. A Symphony of Praise
9. The March of the Millennium
10. The Celebration of Civilization
11. Light Two Thousand Candles
12. Builders for the Third Millennium
Epilogue: A Prayer of the Fourth Wise Man

“This book will stir hearts everywhere.”
–TED BAEHR, Movieguide
“. . . a fitting tribute to our Lord… a unique book.”
former President, NRB
“. . . helps us anticipate 2000 A.D. with great expectations!”
late Chaplain, U.S. Senate

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