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AD 2000 Call Sounded at Lausanne II

Jay Gary reports on how the AD 2000 call at Lausanne II in Manila was both affirmed and critiqued. […]

The Birth of an AD 2000 Agenda

Note: This was one of three addresses Jay Gary presented to the press on August 16, 1990 at the “Congress on the Holy Spirit and World Evangelization” in Indianapolis.

Participants at Indianapolis ’90

Calling the church to finish the task of world evangelization by the turn of the century is nothing new. One […]

Tumbling Toward 2000: Evangelization movements enter the ’90s

If recent history tells us anything, the turn of the centuryof the millennium, will galvanize attention around the world. The celebrations surrounding the American bicentennial, in 1976, the commemoration of the signing of the Constitution of the United States, in 1987, the forthcoming five-hundredth anniversary of Columbus’s discovery of the New World in 1992: these will pale before the blaze attending the year 2000. […]

AD 2000 Global Action Plan

You don’t live until you become involved in something bigger than yourself. The following is a summary of AD 2000 Global Goals, as fashioned by global Christian leaders in 1989. […]

AD 2000 Gets a Millennial Check-Up

It was long overdue, but the track movement called “AD 2000 & Beyond,” finally kept their scheduled appointment for a mid-decadal check-up, May 17-25, 1995 in Seoul, Korea, writes, Jay Gary. […]

A Church for Every People Beyond 2000

In 1995, Jay Gary was the first world mission leader to call the church to focus beyond AD 2000 goals in evangelization. […]

Has the Window of Opportunity Closed for 2000?

While mission leaders hear encouraging trends in Third-World missions, few reports at the GCOWE’95 Congress of Evangelicals dealt with the diminishing chances to reach the world for Christ by 2000, claims Jay Gary. […]

Mission Impossible or Dream Realized?

As we creep ever-closer to that huge, looming milestone called the year 2000, missionary leaders are split over an issue which for many has become a near obsession. Julian Lukins, YWAM Correspondent, asks, Is it possible to complete the Great Commission by the turn of the century? […]

AD 2000: Prophetic or Target Date?

The year 2000 is the mother of all target dates, perfect for the end time missionary battle, claims Jay Gary. Date-setting seems to be a popular pastime these days. Like finely feathered darts, people are throwing dates all over the millennial dart board. […]

Celebration 2000: A Wake-Up Call from God

In 1992 Jay Gary established Celebration 2000 as a national service center in Colorado Springs. It’s purpose, to let the world know the reason for the Bimillennial season, 1996 to 2001. […]