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Outliers & Harbingers of Change Affecting the Church

by Dr. Ulf Spears, Dec 20, 2011

“What stands between growth and decline for most churches is an irrational and paralyzing sameness usually caused by the fear of change? Change is essential to the church. Only Jesus Christ stays the same” (Childress, 2001). How is change affecting the church in the U.S.? More importantly, how […]

Upgrade your decision making

How could we upgrade our group decision making? To answer this, let’s explore four decision making modes and explore how team players maximize their influence within each space. […]

Global Culture, Consumption and Mission

by: Dr Tom W. Sine, Jr.

The World Evangelical Alliance is to be commended as one of the few Christian organizations that has made a concerted effort to anticipate the impact of globalization on the church and its mission. Futurists seek to identify ‘driving forces for change.’ There is a growing consensus among leaders in […]

Bringing Class to the Future

by Frank Spencer, Nov 18, 2006

My name is Frank Spencer, and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little about my experience as a mid-career professional in the Master of Strategic Foresight (MSF) program at Regent University.

I live in Savannah, Georgia, I’ll be 42 this coming January, […]

Futures Thinking and Kingdom Values

by Diana Barrera, Feb 6, 2010

Futures thinking is allied with kingdom values. –Ted Peters

“Eschatology” has a magnetic sound to me. When I was a child, I was exposed to the idea of the second coming of Jesus Christ and all the events that surround it. Though I was unaware of the word eschatology, […]

Futurist Profiles Houston Changes

by Jay Gary, Feb 14, 2008

Josh Ellis keeps track of what is invisible to Houston: their changing ethnic make-up. Ellis is among a new breed of religious demographers who are trained as a professional futurist with an M.S. in Futures Studies.

While most church growth statistics are collected and managed nationally or globally, Ellis […]

Swiss Future Time

by Dr Jay Gary, April 2, 2007

In the Swiss media, whether in print or TV, Dr. Andreas M. Walker is establishing a reputation as a leading futurist, who deals emerging challenges from biotechnology and value-based issues. As a Christian futurist, Dr. Andreas M. Walker walks between two worlds of religious eschatology and human futurology. […]

Changing Minds, Shifting Industries

by Dr Jay Gary, Aug 6, 2007

Over the past three years I have gotten to know Rex Miller, of the Spencer Furniture Company and author of The Millennium Matrix. This past week we sat down again for lunch at the World Future Society‘s annual conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Most people know Miller, of Dallas, […]

The Unexamined Organization

by Dr. Jay Gary, Jun 9, 2004

From board rooms to back rooms, from main streets to side streets, today’s organizations are faced with constant change. Leaders are confronted with dilemmas that demand the Wisdom of Solomon. How can jobs be outsourced to meet budgets, when community resistance to globalization is increasing? How can employee […]

The Future of Business as Mission

by Jay Gary, Jan 24, 2007

A while back I presented a paper to the Rocky Mountain Evangelical Missiology Society on April 21, 2005, entitled, “The Future of Business as Mission: An Inquiry into Macro-Strategy.” The abstract is:

Recently ‘Business as Mission’ has emerged as a world evangelization strategy. It operates at the micro-level of […]