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Can Archaeology Uncover Eschatology?

Can archaeology aid exegesis in understanding the Last Days as a historical epoch, A.D. 30 – 70? Can the stones speak to us today, as well as the text? Do material remains, in addition to scribal reflections, witness to the End of the Age? […]

Eschatology and the Future of the Church

Dr. Jay Gary shares what a new eschatology might offer to the church of tomorrow in its work of rebuilding humanity’s future. […]

The Lesson of the Dinosaur

by Rev. Paul McKaughan, June 21, 2010

McKaughan Musings: June 2010

Angry black clouds of roiled oil, gas and water gushing unabated from a ruptured pipe a mile under the sea, majestic birds appallingly helpless, feathers coated with thick slimy tar, pristine white beaches poisoned, for who knows how long, by black crude oil, these […]

The Power of AD 2000 Mega-Images

In 1993 I gave an address to the Adopt-a-People national conference, unpacking the wealth of imagery found in the A.D. 2000 storehouse. This speech later was revised and appeared in The Star of 2000. […]

Beam Me Over Scotty: Holographic Pastors by 2030?

by Dr Ulf Spears, Mar 24, 2012

I have been a Star Trek fan for many years and I remember taking my family to the latest Star Trek blockbuster release in the movie theaters. What is interesting is that even after years of viewing the Star Trek saga, I am still fascinated by the transporter […]

Butler-Bass on ‘The Future of Faith’

by: Diana Butler Bass

Author Diana Butler Bass describes two significant cultural forces reshaping the religious future: 1) the rise of the “unaffiliateds,” including atheists, agnostics, humanists, “spiritual but not religious” and post-theists; and 2) the rise of religious pluralism and immigrant faith in everyday life throughout the West.

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Leadership '88: It's Time for a New Generation to Join Together

From 1986 to 1988, I served as the program chairman of Leadership ’88, a national conference of the Lausanne movement to call younger leaders to join together to fulfill the Great Commission. Here is a feature I wrote on the event. […]

A Call for 21st Century Christians

Here are three principles from the life of Joshua to help you prepare for your role as a 21st Century Christian. […]

From Postmodern to Bimillennial Consciousness

I prepared this paper, “From Postmodern to Bimillennial Consciousness: The quest to commemorate Christ s 2,000th Jubilee” for the scholars track of Orlando 95,July 29 in Orlando, Florida. […]

The World by 2000: what’s the true score?

As the close of this century approaches, people are already wondering what will happen. Some speculate the world may not last that long, others are stepping up their efforts to evangelize the world […] […]