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Unlikely Alliance

by staff writer, Apr 17, 2008

Pat Robertson usually takes a beating for speaking up. But when he does the right thing, we should admit it. Here he joins Al Sharpton, another guy known for outrageous statements, in calling for action on climate change. This ad is part of the We Can Solve It global […]

New Polls Reveals 5 Kinds of Christians

by Eric Reed, Nov 6, 2007

CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS, November 6, 2007 — Up to 80 percent of Americans call themselves Christian, but their definition of the term varies widely.

These diverse approaches to faith are taken among American adults who identify themselves as Christian. The research indicates that traditional nomenclature–including ‘evangelical’ and ‘mainline’ is […]

Religious Demographer David Barrett Dies

by Dr. Jay Gary, Aug. 10, 2011

Dr. David B. Barrett, founding editor of the World Christian Encyclopedia, and former research consultant with Southern Baptists, died Aug. 4 in Richmond, Va., after a brief illness. He was 83. He was known for his passion for the poor, and for those under served by the church […]

Bacone Hosted ‘Christian Futuring’ Summit

by Jay Gary, Sep 28, 2007

How can the church be aware of its assumptions and plan for its future? Based on his work with Cassidy Dale, Dr. Robert Duncan has written an engaging book entitled Trajectory: Plotting a course to Christian futures. Now Duncan has gathered the first of several Leadership Summits on this […]

Brave New Salvation

Jun 20, 2007

‘On April 21, 2447, the death of a 143-year-old woman hailed a new era. Lungs of people everywhere swelled with relief. Impeccability had dawned. The deceased, Rosa Pecadorita, a coca grower in a remote village in the Andes mountains, was widely believed to have been the last living sinner.’ Catch this great […]

Orlando ’95 Congress Heals the Generations

The U.S. Charismatics met for the 4th national congress on the Holy Spirit and World Evangelization, in Orlando, July 26-29, 1995. I wrote this wrap-up news release as a summary of how the Renewal movement is reaching back to youth, but still reaching upward. […]

Church Marketing Sucks

Tired of manipulative churches? Shouldn’t a local church’s message come out of who they are as a people, rather than canned script? Church Marketing Sucks exists to frustrate, educate and motivate the church to communicate, with uncompromising clarity, the truth of Jesus Christ. It is part of the Center for Church Communication, a non-profit organization […]

Google Trends Ranks Interests

May 15, 2006

Google Trends now allows you to compare the world’s interest in topics you track. Enter up to up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched for on Google over time. The results displays how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and which who has searched for […]

Christian Values in Science and Technology

by Hessel Bouma , May 2, 2006

“Embedding Christian Values in Science and Technology” will take place at Calvin July 28-31, 2006 as the 61st annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA).

It will touch on society’s hot-button issues vis a vis the intersections of faith and science, claims program chair, Hessel Bouma III, […]

Biotech Prompts Moral Reflection

Dec 5, 2005

In the context of aggressive biotech research, the National Council of Churches, meeting in Baltimore in mid-November, placed a human biotechnology policy on its 2006 agenda entitled, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.” Seeking to help churches find their way through this moral maze of science and genetics, the NCC released this policy statement, […]