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New Titles at Christian Futures

Dec 15, 2005

Christian Futures has published two new unique titles recently in its Bookstore. Check out our e-books, CD-Roms and DVD training that represent the best of futures thinking. E-books purchased can be downloaded within minutes, other products are shipped. [ Visit Link ]

Survey Measures: How Christian Are You?

by Jon Kniss, Jul 6, 2005

July 6, 2005 — (BOSTON) — In today’s day and age, with society’s ever-changing and evolving principles, morals, ethics, activities, practices and norms, there are a wide variety of opinions about “What makes a ‘good’ Christian?” The many answers to this intriguing question are of considerable interest to Boston […]

Theologian Stanley Grenz Dies

Mar 13, 2005

It is with heavy heart that we learn that Dr. Stanley Grenz died March 12th, of a brain hemorrhage. He was only 55 years old. The Christian Futures family will miss him greatly. We knew him primarily through his books, but were fortunate to have dinner with him last November. We encourage […]

Evangelicals–Quirky and Vibrant?

Jun 7, 2005

In a recent column, Philip Yancey writes that an inner-city shelter friend made this observation: “I love evangelicals. You can get them to do anything. The challenge is, you’ve also got to soften their judgmental attitudes before they can be effective.” Catch this column and consider how people’s social identity affects their […]

Spong Rallies ‘Believers in Exile’

by staff writer, Oct 23, 2004

Bishop Spong speaks at Shove Chapel to “believers in exile.”

Colorado Springs, Colo. (BP)–Sandwiched between a visit by President Bush three days earlier and a public rally by Senator John Kerry the day after, retired Bishop John Shelby Spong came to southern Colorado to enlist a growing […]

Cathedral to Focus on Innovation & Tradition

by Elizabeth Mullen, April 19, 2007

Billed as a “A Gathering to Envision, Encourage & Energize Renewing Mainline Congregations,” the Washington National Cathedral convened a three-day gathering in May, 10-12, 2007. Mainline and evangelical Christians talked about the best practices within their ministries and how these practices address a new set of cultural conditions in […]

Christianity’s New Center

Philip Jenkins, the author of “The Next Christianity” in the October Atlantic Monthly, argues that most Americans and Europeans are blind to one of the most important shifts of the twentieth century – the explosive growth of Christianity in the Southern Hemisphere. [ Visit Link ]

Open the City of Bethlehem

Nov 16, 2005

Speaking at the National Press Club today, Leila Sansour, a native of Bethlehem, appealed to Christians worldwide to invest in the city of Christ’s birth, and overcome a combination of illegal Israeli settlements, walls and militarized fences that have cut tourism 90% the past five years. Sansour represents the Open Bethlehem Project, […]

Campus Revival to Host June Institute at Yale

by Dale Warn, May 26, 2006

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – An institute to help college campus ministry leaders understand revival and awakening biblically and historically – and to help bring revival to their own campuses – has been scheduled for June 21-28 at Yale University. As of Memorial Day, some 40 campus staff had registered […]