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Christianity in the 21st Century

Wuthnow book

In 1993, Robert Wuthnow, released a title, Christianity in the Twenty-first Century: Reflections on the Challenges Ahead. […]

Out of the Corner of God’s Eye

by Dr. Jay Gary, Nov 5, 2007

Wilber, on stage left, hosts his 3rd Integral Spirituality conference

In the final scene of The Count of Monte Cristo (2002), a squire says to the hero–who emerged unscathed from a duel, “Once again, Zatarra, God sees you out of the corner of His eye.”

For […]

Google Trends Ranks Interests

May 15, 2006

Google Trends now allows you to compare the world’s interest in topics you track. Enter up to up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched for on Google over time. The results displays how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and which who has searched for […]

Christianity’s New Center

Philip Jenkins, the author of “The Next Christianity” in the October Atlantic Monthly, argues that most Americans and Europeans are blind to one of the most important shifts of the twentieth century – the explosive growth of Christianity in the Southern Hemisphere. [ Visit Link ]

McLaren Announces DeepShift Tour

by staff writer, Jul 31, 2007

The book hit stores on October 2, 2007

Brian McLaren, emergent church leader and acclaimed author, has announced an “Everything Must Change” eleven city USA tour for 2008, starting in February. The tour will consider “what shifts must occur in our lives, families, faith communities, and the […]

Beyond Today’s Cyber-Church

by Steve Raimo, Aug 5, 2008

In 1998, George Barna, Christian pollster and sociologist, predicted the emergence of the cyber-church in the early years of the 21st century. He envisioned congregations of millions that will never travel physically to a building but will instead roam the internet in search of meaningful spiritual experiences. Barna concluded […]

Christianity as a Global Threat?

by Jay Gary, Dec 3, 2007

After 9/11 there was alot of talk about the threat of radical Islam, but recently, the subject in America has moved to the threat of right-wing Christianity. In this blog post, emergent church leader Brian McLaren addresses this threat, and talks about how his latest book reveals a growing […]

Forecasting the Future in World Mission

by Dr. David B. Barrett, Oct 15, 1987

In this paper, world-renown mission specialist David Barrett brings the work of futures research to bear on future planning for Christian mission, raising important questions for how mission agencies make their projections for the future. He also raises challenges for missiologists about how they approach the future.