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Can't Christians be Questians?

by Jay Gary, PhD, Feb 19, 2010

I continue to read McLaren’s A New Kind of Christianity, alongside blogs interacting with his book and bounce it off friends. Here is a recent Ooze streaming media of McLaren talking about his book.

The issues McLaren raises are worth exploring, because theology must always be ongoing, given […]

The T-Factor

Could the power of the resurrection be the power that shapes all God’s creation? Scientists have found a three-fold pattern that govern all of God’s creation. But a fourth factor, claims futurist Jay Gary, made known in the Resurrection is the power that transforms all things new. […]

McLaren Releases ‘A New Kind of Christianity’

by Jay Gary, PhD, Feb 9, 2010

Today is the release date for Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of Christianity. Yesterday I purchased a ‘kindle’ copy and it showed up right on schedule this morning. I did a quick browse through this past hour–I will give it much more attention and study.

But right away […]

In Tribute to a Christian Social Engineer

Ralph Winter was a maverick, engineer, and entrepreneur. He was a mentor to me in my early adult life. He passed away yesterday at age 84 in Pasadena, CA. He was best known as a Christian leader who turned the focus of Evangelical missionary work beyond national borders to unreached peoples. […]

Out of the Corner of God’s Eye

by Dr. Jay Gary, Nov 5, 2007

Wilber, on stage left, hosts his 3rd Integral Spirituality conference

In the final scene of The Count of Monte Cristo (2002), a squire says to the hero–who emerged unscathed from a duel, “Once again, Zatarra, God sees you out of the corner of His eye.”

For […]

Paul Hill: Martyr or Murderer?

At 6:00 pm, September 3rd, 2003 the state of Florida executed Paul Hill, Christian minister turned murderer of abortion doctors. Paul Hill is not a martyr, but rather a murderer in the tradition of Barabbas. […]

Christian Leadership in Palestine?

For over 25 years I have worked in the area of developing global Christian leadership. Of all the leaders I have met on my travels, Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek has impacted me the most. His focus on nonviolence to settle the Israeli-Palestinian crisis emerges from his personal life in the Gospel of Jesus. Raised in […]

What is the Future of the Religious Right?

by Jay Gary, Nov 2, 2008

Consider these three futures of the Religious Right.

It is two days before the U.S. election. I am listening right now to David Brody, the senior correspondence from Pat Robertson’s CBN. He is hosting a “View from the Right” panel on CNN. He opened one of his […]

Missional Church– Minimal Thinking?

by Dr. Jay Gary, Apr 3, 2006

Is the Missional church paradigm inadvertantly breeding minimal thinking? I just got back from Santa Fe, NM, where I attended the 4th annual gathering of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF). I’ve been a founding member of APF since 2002, but hadn’t attended one of their annual gatherings […]

Paradise Now–A Call to Peace

by Jay Gary, Jun 21, 2006

I just watched Paradise Now–a Academy Award nominee for the best foreign language film of 2005. It was riveting. It is the story of two best friends, Kahled and Said, who live in Nablus, West Bank. As Palestinians, they struggle against the occupation, and the humilitation. Paradise Now is […]