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What is the Future of the Religious Right?

by Jay Gary, Nov 2, 2008

Consider these three futures of the Religious Right.

It is two days before the U.S. election. I am listening right now to David Brody, the senior correspondence from Pat Robertson’s CBN. He is hosting a “View from the Right” panel on CNN. He opened one of his […]

Missional Church– Minimal Thinking?

by Dr. Jay Gary, Apr 3, 2006

Is the Missional church paradigm inadvertantly breeding minimal thinking? I just got back from Santa Fe, NM, where I attended the 4th annual gathering of the Association of Professional Futurists (APF). I’ve been a founding member of APF since 2002, but hadn’t attended one of their annual gatherings […]

Paradise Now–A Call to Peace

by Jay Gary, Jun 21, 2006

I just watched Paradise Now–a Academy Award nominee for the best foreign language film of 2005. It was riveting. It is the story of two best friends, Kahled and Said, who live in Nablus, West Bank. As Palestinians, they struggle against the occupation, and the humilitation. Paradise Now is […]

Waking Up A Hundred Sleeping Firemen

I wrote this essay as a rationale for the Perspectives program. I was national director of the Institute of International Studies at that time. I share how this mission study course could help mobilize students in Christ’s global cause. […]

Vulnerable Mission: You Mean What?

by Jay Gary, Oct 18, 2007

‘You mean what?’ I asked over breakfast, as Jim Harries explained the principles of Vulnerable Mission. ‘I agree with the principle of local language, but why should Western missionaries avoid using outside money to sustain ministry activities?’ Here are some reflections I have on this emphasis, in connection to […]

Bacone Hosted ‘Christian Futuring’ Summit

by Jay Gary, Sep 28, 2007

How can the church be aware of its assumptions and plan for its future? Based on his work with Cassidy Dale, Dr. Robert Duncan has written an engaging book entitled Trajectory: Plotting a course to Christian futures. Now Duncan has gathered the first of several Leadership Summits on this […]

Which Futures?

“Can we predict the future?” No. It is an open slate. “Can we know the future?” “Yes”– if that means knowing its contours. Christian faith needs to draw on both hindsight and foresight. […]

Future-Proof Your Ministry–live with Dr. Jay Gary

by Dr. Jay Gary, May 15, 2006

Click here for a 6-minute preview of this workshop (Broadband plays immediately, 56k modems some delay)

Over the past twenty-five years I have served as a turn-around specialist to various communities, organizations, ministries and congregations. Now I have gleaned the lessons of transformative leadership I’ve used […]

Is Your Ministry Ready for the Future?

by Dr. Jay Gary, May 6, 2003

CHRISTIAN FUTURES Consultation Is Ministry Ready for the Future?” July 20-21, 2003 San Francisco Hyatt Regency at Embarcadero Center How can our ministries and faith communities develop leaders that have a fluency with a changing and complex future?

This day and a half consultation examined current theory and […]

The World by 2000: what’s the true score?

As the close of this century approaches, people are already wondering what will happen. Some speculate the world may not last that long, others are stepping up their efforts to evangelize the world […] […]